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Making a Home Away from Home

How do homeschoolers even learn anything? How do they socialize? Do they really just stay home all day?


If you're a homeschooling family, you know that the answers to these common questions are both simple... and complicated. Homeschoolers, like traditional schoolers, learn in wide variety of ways. Every student is different and deserves individual attention suited to his or her abilities, learning pace, and interests. Homeschooled kids socialize with their siblings and family, peer-age friends, and adults, through daily life, sports teams, music groups, and more. And many homeschooling families are more like not-at-homeschoolers--there is just so much to do and explore!

Nas Learning Center supports homeschooling families in several ways. Homeschoolers are eligible for our academic support services, which include one-on-one and small-group tutoring in math and language arts. And we're also home to one of Syracuse's newest homeschool programs: the FUN Club!

Learn more about our homeschooling programs at the links below:

Homeschool Programs

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