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FUN Club

Daring to be different.

Welcome to FUN Club, a student-centered, adult-mentored enrichment bonanza that offers the Freedom to Understand Naturally through creative, spontaneous learning and play!

When and Where

FUN Club meets on Thursdays from 10am-2pm in the back hall of NLC (park in the large main lot and use the side entrance on the right of the building). Sessions are six weeks long with a one-week break between sessions. Upcoming sessions begin on: 1/11, 3/1, and 4/19. Summer programs TBA.


Participant Ages

Parents are invited but not obligated to remain on-site or participate in the programming, which is open to ages 5-18. Accompanying siblings ages 2.5-5 may join the Montessori preschool for the duration of FUN Club; parents should use their discretion on where to place their 5 year olds. Spaces in the preschool are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Little ones not enrolled in the preschool are welcome to join the FUN Club activities if supervised by an accompanying adult.

Mission Statement

When creative, passionate, and curious people come together, magical things happen. Children need spaces where they can independently explore their interests, as well as work together to scheme and dream, build and do, to make this magic. The NLC Fun Club is one such space. Unlike traditional educational environments designed with prescriptive curricula and predetermined schedules, our child-centered model empowers children to become active learners, critical thinkers, and designers of their own project-based curricula. Part Montessori, part Sudbury, part your favorite summer camp memories, FUN Club offers your children an outstanding opportunity to become their fullest selves.

But why aren't there classes? How will the kids learn anything?

FUN Club is a unique and progressive learning environment, so rest assured your children will be constantly absorbing, practicing, and acquiring new skills and knowledge through a wide variety of meaningful learning activities. Children at FUN Club will have access to traditional classroom materials such as art supplies, books, and math and literacy manipulatives, as well as a rotating cast of innovative ones like LEGOs, costumes, and a mini climbing wall. Students are allowed to explore their own interests, and for those children feeling shy or unsure of the direction they'd like to take for the day, we offer a small selection of developmentally appropriate lessons and activities to get them started. The adult mentors at FUN Club are dedicated to guiding each student by observing them, offering suggestions, and providing resources or teaching mini-lessons as-needed, to ensure that the students remain engaged in the learning process.

Importantly, FUN Club is a mixed-age space. Life is always a mixed-age experience, and since we're here to teach real-life skills, it makes sense to encourage all students to work together. Learning how to interact gracefully with younger and older people is a rewarding challenge that develops balanced bodies, curious minds, and healthy hearts. Interacting with different age groups is an important learning opportunity that allows children the chance to model and reinforce respectful interactions, harmonious communication,  inclusivity, and embracing of diversity.

A Day at FUN Club 

  • 10:00 -- Families and friends assemble, reconnect, and make plans for the day.

  • 10:15 -- Everyone gathers to greet one another and share announcements​.

  • 10:25 -- FUN time! Students might write the script for their play, flex those STEAM skills in the LEGOs corner, paint a mural, play outside, or sit quietly engrossed in a favorite book.

  • 12:00 -- Hungry students pause for lunch, but those still working on a project who don't want to break their concentration are welcome to continue working until they are ready to take a break. When learners are done lunching, they may resume their activities.

  • 1:45 -- It's clean up time.

  • 2:00 -- See you next week!


Families may drop in or reserve spots for the session in advance.

  • FUN Club drop-in rate: $25/day for a family of up to 3 kids; 4+ kids additional $5/child

  • FUN Club session rate: $140/family of up to 3 kids; 4+ kids additional $5/child

    • $10 discount for paying more than one week in advance of session start date​

  • NLC Preschool for FUN Club siblings is $20 per child per day

Interested in helping out by organizing an activity station or facilitating a learning experience? That's great! We're able to accommodate a variety of new options each session. We're happy to offer a discount of $40 per session to volunteer families.

Optional Lunch Program

Participants are encouraged to bring their own lunches and snacks. But if your student is a Julia Child or Jamie Oliver in the making, they might enjoy our empowering lunch prep class! They will receive instruction in basic kitchen skills, including knife safety, and prepare their own lunches together. Vegetarian ingredients will be provided and will be organic and/or locally sourced when possible. Allergies will be accommodated to the best of our ability. Fee: additional $10/child/day. You must sign up at least a week in advance, but can jump in at any point during the session.

Optional Yoga Class

Nas Learning Center is hosting the lovely Julie Daniel of Yoga for Kids of CNY for a Thursday homeschoolers' yoga special! Her classes are open to anyone (FUN Club students and others), but she's offering FUN Club families a $5 rebate. Namaste Kids (ages 5-7) will meet 12:30-1:15, and Grounded Kids (ages 8-14) will meet 1:30-2:30. These classes offer a healthy, fun-filled way for kids to enjoy a noncompetitive fitness activity. They will learn various breathing and visualization techniques as well as fun and challenging yoga poses while building strength, flexibility, and their ability to focus. The classes will include yoga games, music, and a final relaxation for the mind and body. You can get more details and register on Julie's website--just make sure you mention that you're a FUN Club family in the comments when you register. Julie is a wonderful teacher and we're delighted to host her classes in conjunction with FUN Club.

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