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Teaching Peace and Understanding


Nas Learning Center offers a Sunday school in Syracuse developed for teaching character building and instilling the importance of cooperative co-existence with one's neighbors and the greater community. Students range from preschoolers to adults and benefit from a broad curriculum and specialized instruction.

Parents play a sublimely important role in their children's education, since they are the closest people to the child on earth, and his or her primary role models. Our one-day/week Sunday school recommends a seven-day/week commitment, as parents are encouraged to spend some time each day with their children to gain a better understanding of their studies, and assist with their weekly assignments as needed. Parents receive a weekly email from their child's instructor reviewing the material at hand, and reminding them how to prepare for the coming week's session.

We understand that raising children is a difficult job. Educating them in a manner that is mentally, physically, and spiritually balanced requires keen aptitude, persistence, and determination. Nas Learning Center is honored to support parents in this endeavor, and all our staff strive to keep the children naturally engaged, to strengthen their internal commitment to life-long learning.


The light of true knowledge is the only weapon to dispel the darkness of ignorance. Light a candle with us!

Sunday School

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