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About NLC

NLC was founded by Fatima El-Hindi


Fatima El-Hindi is a multidisciplinary educator, consciousness researcher, lecturer, and author. As an educator, she established Nas Learning Center (NLC) to teach Arabic as well as Qur'anic and Islamic studies from a scientifically and historically critical perspective to Muslim youth and adults in Syracuse, New York. She is also the pioneer of the Maryam Method for self-empowerment, and teaches non-denominational consciousness development courses informed by her expertise in Qur'anic studies.

Beyond education, NLC also serves as a nexus of interfaith dialogue and a spiritual hub aiming to broaden the scope of traditional Islam to encompass the entirety of the Qur'an's message, a message Fatima believes has been co-opted by political motives and traditionalist complacency for centuries.  
A native of Algeria, Fatima received her B.S. in Physics from Constantine University in 1994. Following her migration to the United States, she received an M.S. in Mechanical Aerospace Engineering from Syracuse University in 1997. Additionally, through an evaluation of her coursework at Constantine in Physics, Word Communication International qualified her B.S. as an Physics. Stimulated by her expanding scientific understanding, Fatima's curiosity about Islam piqued and she pursued education once again, receiving her M.S., this time in Islamic Studies from American Open University, Alexandria in 2008. During this period of both scientific and religious education, Fatima developed as a teacher working as an adjunct instructor in both engineering and mathematics in multiple colleges and universities in both New York and Arizona.
Since childhood, Fatima struggled to accept "truths" simply because they were spoken by authority figures. Prior to enrolling in undergraduate Mathematics, she was working toward a Baccalaureate in Islamic education. However, she quickly switched from theology to math after realizing the theological path was focused primarily on indoctrination within the Islamic tradition rather than a critical analysis of the Qur'an. This "turning-away" led her down a lengthy path of scientific inquiry where she honed her analytic and critical-thinking skills and adopted the scientific methodology as the guiding tool for interpreting not only the written Arabic of the Qur'an but also analyzing the historical context which has given rise to the commonly cited interpretations of the Qur'an. Fatima's common refrain is that anything claiming to be Islamic in nature must exist within the confines of the Qur'an, the only text received by Muhammad from a higher power commonly referred to as Allah, God, and Yahweh.
Intellectually and spiritually curious, Fatima is an avid reader of science ranging from mind-body connection to biological evolution and neuroscience. Her explorations beyond the scientific realm have introduced her to Eastern meditative practices and past-life regression. Her broad scientific underpinnings combined with a deep spiritual fluency have helped to illuminate her Qur'anic analysis and understanding, revealing to her the true universal nature of the Qur'an. Through her teachings, lectures and writings, Fatima aims to reveal the true nature of the Qur'an as a universal book speaking about the entirety of the human experience, our collective consciousness, on Earth and beyond.

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