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Nas Learning Center welcomes kids, teens, and adults of all backgrounds to learn and grow together! Our Sunday program, academic support services, and other extracurricular programs inspire joy, peace, knowledge, and delightful memories all year round. We specialize in motivating young people to embrace mindfulness to reach their fullest potential as human beings.

People Say

"I think it's

absolutely necessary for everyone to go here;

it's amazing."

~ Arman N., student

Academic Support

Tutoring available on-demand

and in long-term support packages.

learning resources ~ integrated technology

creative approaches ~ customized plans

Sunday School

Instruction in Arabic, Qur'an, History, and Mindfulness.

Emphasis on upright morals, beautiful manners, and forward, critical thinking

"I never thought I

would find such a

community again.

I was wrong."

~ Emily P., parent

"I learned so much.

I like that our

class was fun and

my knowledge grew."

~ Manal T., student

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