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Announcing: NEW mini-courses!

Each of these six-week courses focuses on a fundamental topic. Whether as a basic introduction or a substantial review, the classes introduce and explore the subject to give students a strong understanding of the central concepts. Students need no previous knowledge of the Qur'an or Arabic; any terms derived from the Qur'an will be explained in plain English, using classical dictionaries such as Maqayis al-Lugha for insight. Sessions will allow time for Q&A so students can express their ideas. Optional homework may be suggested. Click here to register.

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History of NLC


People Say

"I think it's

absolutely necessary for everyone to go here;

it's amazing."

~ Arman N., student

"I learned so much.

I like that our

class was fun and

my knowledge grew."

~ Manal T., student

"I never thought I

would find such a

community again.

I was wrong."

~ Emily P., parent

Sunday School

Instruction in Arabic, Qur'an, History, and Mindfulness.

Emphasis on upright morals, beautiful manners, and forward, critical thinking

Academic Support

Tutoring available on-demand

and in long-term support packages.

learning resources ~ integrated technology

creative approaches ~ customized plans