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Ayman El-Hindi from the Young Adult class reflects on his connection with NLC throughout the years, and the importance of community.

Saif Sayed from the Young Adult class shares his thoughts on the value of the NLC experience for young Muslims.

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History of NLC

People Say

"I think it's

absolutely necessary for everyone to go here;

it's amazing."

~ Arman N., student

"I learned so much.

I like that our

class was fun and

my knowledge grew."

~ Manal T., student

"When I moved away from home, I never thought would find such a community again. I was wrong."

~ Emily P., parent

Sunday School

Instruction in Arabic, Qur'an, History, and Mindfulness.

Emphasis on upright morals, beautiful manners, and forward, critical thinking

Academic Support

Tutoring available on-demand

and in long-term support packages.

learning resources ~ integrated technology

creative approaches ~ customized plans

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